1. operates email and letter forwarding services. These services are provided to you ("Customers") under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

2. Customer agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement at all times. By opening an account with and continued use of the service customer agrees to abide by the terms of this Agreement.

3. Customer will enter a confidential password and receive a account when registering for a new account with Customer shall maintain the security and confidentiality of the password. Customer is responsible for all directions, orders, notifications, expenses incurred or other actions that may occur through use of the Customer’s account. Customer must immediately alert of any fraudulent, unauthorized, illegal or suspicious use of the Service or any other breach of security or unauthorized or illegal activity that is reasonably suspected by Customer.

4. provides Service under this Agreement pursuant to one or more Service Plans subscriptions. Customer hereby subscribes for Service under the Service Plan chosen by Customer when registering for an account or at later stage. Customer acknowledges that he/she has been provided with a schedule detailing the subscription fees applicable to all Service Plans offered by and available to Customer.

5. The initial term of this Agreement shall be the minimum Service period or the initial period paid for by the Customer whichever is longer.

6. All Service Plans DO NOT automatically renew. Renewal of this Agreement for additional terms shall be at Customer’s sole discretion.

7. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that may hold emails and letter from forwarding pending payment of due fees for applicable Service periods. On delinquent accounts, delivery of letters and email to the Customer’s designated address(es) will be suspended and resumed only upon renewal of the subscription plan. If Customer fails to pay renewable fees or other applicable charges due within sixty (60) days after delinquency, has the right at its sole option to terminate Service and/or this Agreement.

8. Upon cancellation by the Customer of this Agreement or the Service, will provide Service only through the remaining term paid for by the Customer. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that will have no liability for any mail or emails within database or other obligations after cancellation of this AGREEMENT by the Customer except as expressly provided herein.

9. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that cooperates with all local, state and federal agencies and will share any and all information about the Customer and use of the Mailbox or Service with such agencies and all postal representatives and postal inspectors upon request. The Customer further acknowledges and agrees that may share any and all information about the Customer and use of the Mailbox or Service with any third party upon being presented with a civil or criminal subpoena or when it has been established to satisfaction that the account has been used for any illegal or questionable activity. Customer specifically indemnifies and holds harmless from any and all liability, claims, damages, losses or causes of actions arising from the release of information regarding the Customer or the Customer’s use of the to any person, or local, state or federal agency. The Customer represents and agrees that it will not use (or allow to be used) the Service for any unlawful, illegal, illegitimate or fraudulent purposes or for any other purpose not in conformity by applicable laws, statutes, rules and regulations. The Customer further represents and agrees that the Service shall be used in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws. If suspects that the Service is being or has been used for any unlawful, fraudulent or illegal activities, may proceed to immediately terminate this Agreement and Service.

10. Furthermore, if receives allegations or complaints from any third party that the Customer may be using the Service in any improper, illegal, or fraudulent manner as determined by may at its sole discretion proceed to immediately terminate this Agreement and stop the Service. In such case, any messages saved in the Customer’s account as of and after termination, are subject to be discarded or otherwise disposed of at sole discretion.

11. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that may at its sole option cancel the Service and terminate this Agreement for any cause at any time by providing the Customer fifteen (15) days notice. Such notice may be provided in e-mail or other electronic form.

12. Notwithstanding the above, may terminate this Agreement immediately for good cause. Good cause shall include but is not limited to:

a.   the Customer abandons the account for a period of more than ninety (90) days unless otherwise agreed;

b.    the Customer uses the service for mass mailing campaigns, spam campaigns, or mass marketing mailings; or Customer’s volume of email and/or letters is excessive and unreasonable;

c.   the Customer’s behavior towards employees or towards other Customers is offensive, abusive, violent, threatening or disruptive;

d.   the Customer fails to cooperate with any request for information by a local, state or federal agency representatives or postal inspectors;

e.    the Customer fails to cooperate or provide information in connections with any investigation undertaken by a local, state or federal agency; or

f.    the Customer violates any provision of this Agreement or any other terms and conditions posted by

13. The Customer agrees that for purposes of this Agreement the actions or failure to act of any person authorized by the Customer to use the Service will be attributed to the Customer.

14. Customer agrees and acknowledges that is not liable for any damage or loss to mailbox contents, email or letters that occurs after emailing or shipment to the designated recipients.

15. The customer agrees and acknowledges that the total amount of liability of, if any, for any and all claims, causes of action, damages, losses or judgments arising out of or related to this Agreement and the Service shall not exceed in total the amount of the currently subscribed plan for the current term without regard of the nature of the claim, losses or damages incurred. For the avoidance of doubt Free members are not entitled to any amount of liability and Premium (paid) members are entitled only to the sum of their last payment for service.

16. This Agreement shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of the European Union without regard to the conflicts of laws provisions thereof.