5 Very Weird Deaths Whilst Doing Sex

On Jan 15, 2013

5 Very Weird Deaths Whilst Doing Sex5 Very Weird Deaths Whilst Doing Sex

If your time is ending and you have the choice of how to die, wouldn’t you choose to pass away at the same time as having sex? At least you would breathe your last breath with a smile on the face. On the other hand, would you? Is really this the final message to leave from death? We are not so sure having revealed lately how the following individuals died whilst doing sex. Here is a listing of five weird deaths, which all happened during sexual intercourse.


1. Love on the Highway means Danger

Couple dies on road after sex

This duo in the photo for some rationale chose to pose for the picture whilst lay down in the middle of the street. A couple from Namibia though determined to go a step extra by having sex in the center of the road! As a result, both were run over by a truck. The after-death investigation on the bodies discovered that both lovers had soaring levels of alcohol in their organism. We believe the conclusion should be sex on the road and alcohol means severe risk of peril!


2. Humped to Death

Kinky granny

In Ghаna, a 30-year-old man named Rоbert Ashitеy accurately did precisely that to his 75-year-old partner, Suаmеter Dаnou. Raging Robert did not even become aware of his partner demise and continued on as normal. When Suameter’s warden entered the room and realized what was happening he hit Robert over the head with a stick to make him stop. Raging Robert is at present on trial for murder as Suameter’s family seeks reimbursement for memorial service expenses.


3. The Funeral Hearse death

Couple died in funeral hearse after sex

Dying in a funeral hearse is dreadfully ironic. Nevertheless, it may happen. That was the weird case of Jose Agustinо Nоha. He was a worker in a memorial service agency and used to drive the hearse. The worker had the habit of inviting his girlfriend to spend some good time in with him. Oh, how romantic! Evidently, after one episode of doing sex the couple fell asleep and never woke up again. The lovebirds had suffocated in their sleep after forgetting the car running and carbon monoxide from the engine filled the hearse.


4. Having Sex on the Roof

Lovebirds did not leave message after death after felling off roof

Young pair Brent Tyler and Chelsea Tumbleston from South Carolina were colleagues in a bar and they not just worked in together. Being aged 21 and young in love, they decided to heat up the passion one night after work on the bar roof. Throughout their lovemaking the duo fell off, said roof was 15 metres far above the ground. A taxi driver found their nude bodies on the street below. Originally, it appeared as part two of the Namibian lovers on the road, but soon it was realized that they had begun their intercourse on the roof where their clothing was found.


5. One Man and one Horse

No letter after death by this zoo cult member

In Washington, a man was found dead on his ranch. Upon investigation, it was revealed that he departed this life because of internal bleeding after doing sex with his stallion. Further police investigating discovered that this person was part of a worrying sect who commonly took part in bestiality. Additionally in the storehouse was found large quantity of porn with animals. In addition, to make the case even weirder there was no charge after the incident because sodomy is not unlawful in Washington.

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