Think about death, it comes to all

On Jan 04, 2013


Think about death, it comes to all

Most people do not know how to start planning for the end of their life. Unfortunately, many people wait too long before they decide to approach these problems. Death is rarely an expected "guest”. It can come anywhere and anytime. Fact is people do not expect the coming of death even though it is always good to be prepared for it. was created to be a service through which you will be able to write a letter or email that will be sent after your death to those whom you have chosen. In our site you have full control, i.e. you can change the message at any time you want and anywhere you want. Write and re-write any message at any time. Easily add images, short videos, music, or anything else that you would like to show your loved ones after your death. With our unique service you will be able to plan and write messages to people you care about. 

Feature of our online service is that the letter in which the customer says goodbye to his family and loved ones, will be delivered to the specified person only after his or her demise. And not only you can send messages to your loved ones but even create an impromptu online will, video links, secret recipes, photos and many other attached documents.

Our post-demise service gives people new ways of looking at passing away. We hope that this site will make people think about it and take it seriously.

Death should be respected, but do not miss its humorous moments, using a thoughtful prose stories of family events, humor, photos, voice, and video files, you can help your loved one cope with the pain and anguish that comes with losing someone - is expensive.

Your death will be less a burden to your loved ones if you leave them a special message after passing away!

Send letter from death

Hello World is a website which provides ability to send letter from death or send email after death. Enjoy our web site and check our news section for related topics and latest updates.