Top 5 Funniest Doomsday Predictions Ever

On Dec 15, 2012

Top 5 Funniest Doomsday Predictions EverTop 5 Funniest Doomsday Predictions Ever

Now here is an in no way inexhaustive list of all the World End crap ideas humanity came up with and at time many people seriously believed in this :)


1. Y2K - January 1, 2000 - computers will melt, the world will plunge into anarchy, modern economy would not recover... or so some foretold :)

Indeed it was a genuine problem, which meant some preparations had to be made at the corporate and state level, but it was hardly the sort of cataclysmic event needed to anihiliate all mankind. But hey, it was the late '90s and things were strange. 

2. Millerism - During 1840s the preacher William Miller become convinced the world would end on October 22, 1844 (sharp)

Miller managed to convince many thousands of people that he alone by carefully studying the Bible had revealed the hidden code and figured out the date of doom. Suprise suprise - the day came and went. Oh, what a relief! 

3. The hysteria around the Large Hadron Collider

We have already forgotten how just few years ago there was a mass hysteria about building the Large Hadron Collider and how by just starting it the devilish thing can create a black hole to consume the planet Earth... Well, it appeared it can't. Point. 

4. Nibiru (or commonly known as Planet X) 

There are some people who preach that there is a large terrestrial body (an orphan planet?) travelling through space that will collide with Earth very soon, or if no collision then the very least it will come so close that it would shift the Earth's magnetic field with major cataclysmic consequences (and we all die). And did anyone bother to research where all the nonsence started? The notion was originally formulated by a woman from Wisconsin - Nancy Lieder said that... well, aliens told her about this doom via an implant in her brain. Suddenly the next in the list seems quite reasonable.

5. The Prophet Hen of Leeds ?!

That's right. Back in early 1800s a prophetic hen was discovered in Leeds, England.  It propheted biblical doom by writing (?!) in English (not even Greek or Latin ?!) on the sides of its own eggs. And suprise suprise - the crowd somehow become convinced :) Sounds familiar? Of course it was soon after revealed that the owner of the hen was using acid to write "Christ is coming" on the eggs... and then pushing them back into the chosen fowl. (ouch) 
We'll end here.
Your move, world!

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