5 Very Weird Deaths Whilst Doing Sex

On Jan 15, 2013

5 Very Weird Deaths Whilst Doing Sex5 Very Weird Deaths Whilst Doing Sex

If your time is ending and you have the choice of how to die, wouldn’t you choose to pass away at the same time as having sex? At least you would breathe your last breath with a smile on the face. On the other hand, would you? Is really this the final message to leave from death? We are not so sure having revealed lately how the following individuals died whilst doing sex. Here is a listing of five weird deaths, which all happened during sexual intercourse.

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Think about death, it comes to all

On Jan 04, 2013

Most people do not know how to start planning for the end of their life. Unfortunately, many people wait too long before they decide to approach these problems. Death is rarely an expected "guest”. It can come anywhere and anytime. Fact is people do not expect the coming of death even though it is always good to be prepared for it.

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Top 5 Funniest Doomsday Predictions Ever

On Dec 15, 2012

Top 5 Funniest Doomsday Predictions EverTop 5 Funniest Doomsday Predictions Ever

So many things we survived... Humanity has been very creative when it comes to Doomsday predictions! That should make us depressed but there are some which are so ridiculous that we just can't stop laughing. Check out the most ridiculous predictions during the history (yep, they all in commonly share the idea of mass-death and total annihilation and not a single gram of credibility).

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So many dumb ways to die - be smart!

On Dec 02, 2012

We just couldn't resist to share this disturbingly funny song :) really believes people should be smarter and just be more rational and careful.

The World is not a jackass movie.

Still if you are planning to do something really stupid we do suggest to sign up for our unique post-mortem messaging service which will deliver your message from death.

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